Our Identity

Anatomically Precise Materials
Atomically precise materials: Developing chemical and physical systems that enable trace detection and next-generation computing.
Nuclear material production
Nuclear material production: Supporting the nation’s nuclear deterrent and identifying signatures of nuclear materials using agile, state-of-the-art nuclear facilities.
Biothreat signatures
Biothreat signatures: Transforming measurements across biology and chemistry by integrating disciplines and orthogonal measurement techniques, with a focus on emerging threats.
Nuclear forensics
Nuclear forensics: Supporting the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty by detecting the production or use of nuclear materials around the globe.
Contraband Detection

Contraband detection: Constantly improving detection limits for explosives, fentanyl, additively manufactured parts, and other contraband, to safeguard aviation.

Nuclear explosion monitoring
Nuclear explosion monitoring: Lowering detection limits for nuclear testing, putting PNNL at the forefront of technology development for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty.
Interdiction and response
Interdiction and response: Developing and deploying technology, and providing expertise, to enhance the nation’s capacity to find nuclear and radiological materials around the globe.
Rare event physics
Rare event physics: Developing ultra-low background systems that set world-record limits for dark matter and attempt to measure neutrinoless double beta decay for the first time.