September 15, 2020
Journal Article

Simulation of Inrush Dynamics for Unbalanced Distribution Systems using Phasor Dynamics

Marcelo Elizondo
Frank Tuffner
Kevin Schneider


Microgrids are a possible solution to mitigate the extensive interruptions in service to end-use customers caused by abnormal events, such as major natural disasters. Microgrids can be formed by energizing portions of the distribution system to interconnect generator and critical loads. In this scenario, inrush dynamic currents can present a barrier for forming microgrids by preventing the necessary switching operations and/or damaging equipment. Modeling inrush dynamics, through electromagnetic transient tools, presents a challenge when the microgrid represents a large portion of a distribution feeder. This paper uses a phasor dynamics approach to approximate the envelope of inrush dynamics, thus allowing simulations of large systems. The two main contributions of this paper are: a) a new formulation to solve a set of phasor-dynamic differential equations representing an unbalanced distribution system; and b) modeling of transformer saturation in the phasor-dynamics frame. These two contributions allow the in-rush phenomena to be simulated on full size microgrid and/or distribution feeder models. The new formulation and model are implemented in GridLAB-D, and tested on IEEE test systems.

Revised: September 15, 2020 | Published: January 2, 2017


Elizondo M.A., F.K. Tuffner, and K.P. Schneider. 2017. "Simulation of Inrush Dynamics for Unbalanced Distribution Systems using Phasor Dynamics." IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 32, no. 1:633 - 642. PNNL-SA-113630. doi:10.1109/TPWRS.2016.2548880