May 23, 2015
Journal Article

The Sim-SEQ Project: Comparison of Selected Flow Models for the S-3 Site


Sim-SEQ is an international initiative on model comparison for geologic carbon sequestration, with an objective to understand and, if possible, quantify model uncertainties. Model comparison efforts in Sim-SEQ are at present focusing on one specific field test site, hereafter referred to as the Sim-SEQ Study site (or S-3 site). Within Sim-SEQ, different modeling teams are developing conceptual models of CO2 injection at the S-3 site. In this paper, we select five flow models of the S-3 site and provide a qualitative comparison of their attributes and predictions. These models are based on five different simulators or modeling approaches: TOUGH2/EOS7C, STOMP-CO2e, MoReS, TOUGH2-MP/ECO2N, and VESA. In addition to model-to-model comparison, we perform a limited model-to-data comparison, and illustrate how model choices impact model predictions. We conclude the paper by making recommendations for model refinement that are likely to result in less uncertainty in model predictions.

Revised: November 5, 2015 | Published: May 23, 2015


Mukhopadhyay S., C.A. Doughty, D.H. Bacon, J. Li, L. Wei, H. Yamamoto, and S.E. Gasda, et al. 2015. The Sim-SEQ Project: Comparison of Selected Flow Models for the S-3 Site. Transport in Porous Media 108, no. 1:207-231. PNNL-SA-112264. doi:10.1007/s11242-014-0361-0