January 13, 2023
Conference Paper

Session Introduction: Graph Representations and Algorithms in Biomedicine


Connectivity is a fundamental property of biological systems: on the cellular level, proteins interact with each other to form protein-protein interaction networks (PPIs); on the organism level, neurons are arranged in a network; and on a community-level, species can have complex relationships with one another that drive the development and balance of an ecosystem. Graphs, representations of systems consisting of entities as vertices and their connections as edges, are a useful structure to characterize many such systems. Such models can be used to understand biological systems that naturally have a network structure, including PPIs, biological neurons, and ecosystems. In today’s information age, graph representations and algorithms (often in combination with machine learning techniques) are used to organize massive amounts of related data, much of which may be heterogeneous or unstructured, and identify patterns that represent novel biological insights. PSB’s 2023 session “Graph Representations and algorithms in Biomedicine,” encompasses modern developments in graph theory and its applications to various fields of biomedicine. This session includes a wide range of research - knowledge graphs built from text-mined health data, heterogeneous networks using multi-omic databases, and graphs refined to represent uncertainty or improve memory usage.

Published: January 13, 2023


Chrisman B.S., M. Varma, S. Maleki, M. Brbic, C.A. Joslyn, and M. Zitnik. 2023. Session Introduction: Graph Representations and Algorithms in Biomedicine. In Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing, January 3-7, 2023, Hawaii, HI. Biocomputing, 2023, 55-60. PNNL-SA-180977. doi:10.1142/9789811270611_0006