January 13, 2023

Remote Deployment and Setup of VOLTTRON Instances - CRADA 532


The goal of this project is to increase the pool of people who can install and configure applications in the Intellimation platform. This will be accomplished with a joint development effort between Intellimation and PNNL to create a set of services to simplify the process for the onsite client as well as the Intellimation staff at a centralized location. Intellimation’s tagging capability, hosted in their cloud, will be leveraged to create an autoconfiguration process for selected PNNL applications such as Intelligent Load Control and AIRCX. The results of the configuration process will be sent to Intellimation field units which host the applications locally. This will allow these applications to be configured remotely and with greatly reduced effort on the part of Intellimation staff. Consequently, this will enable a greater usage of these applications and greater impact to energy efficiency than would be possible without this effort. The use of these newly developed services would allow Intellimation to reduce the cost of installation and allow them to offer the service to new and existing clients.

Published: January 13, 2023


Haack J.N. 2022. Remote Deployment and Setup of VOLTTRON Instances - CRADA 532 Richland, WA: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

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