January 2, 2019
Journal Article

Recrystallization Kinetics of Cold-Rolled U-10 wt% Mo

William Frazier III
Shenyang Hu
Nicole Overman
Ramprashad Prabhakaran
Curt Lavender
Vineet Joshi
Samples of U-10wt%Mo (U-Mo) alloy were thermomechanically processed and annealed at 600 °C and 700 °C for periods lasting up to 8 hours. Annealed microstructures were examined using electron backscattered diffraction in order to estimate the completeness of recrystallization. Hardness measurements of the U-Mo samples were taken to further qualify the progress of recovery and recrystallization. This allowed us to evaluate the recrystallization activation energy and the recrystallization kinetics with a Johnson-Mehl-Avrami-Kolmogorov equation. The results show that the activation energy of recrystallization is approximately 100.6 kJ/mol. The mechanisms active in the recrystallization of cold-rolled U-10 wt% Mo are discussed in the context of these results.

Published: January 2, 2019

Frazier W.E., S. Hu, N.R. Overman, R. Prabhakaran, C.A. Lavender, and V.V. Joshi. 2019. "Recrystallization Kinetics of Cold-Rolled U-10 wt% Mo." Journal of Nuclear Materials 513. PNNL-SA-137816. doi:10.1016/j.jnucmat.2018.10.046