September 27, 2000
Journal Article

Plutonium Immobilization and Radiation Effects

William Weber
Rodney Ewing


Sickafus et al. in "Radiation Tolerance of Complex Oxides" (4 August, p. 748) note "that compounds with the fluorite structure are especially stable to a displacive radiation damage environment" and propose that fluorite structure-types, such as Er2Zr2O7, have important applications in nuclear waste management. The most obvious application is plutonium immobilization. We earlier proposed Gd2Zr2O7 for plutonium immobilization ( ) based on our discovery of the radiation resistance of compositions in the gadolinium-zirconate system (1,2) and the high neutron cross-section for Gd. This letter clarifies the need for radiation-resistance and comments on the stability of fluorite structure types.

Revised: September 27, 2000 | Published: September 22, 2000


Weber W.J., and R.C. Ewing. 2000. "Plutonium Immobilization and Radiation Effects." Science 289, no. 5487:2051-2052. PNNL-SA-33589.