January 31, 2023
Conference Paper

Optimal Sizing and Operation of a Hybrid Clean Energy Center


In this paper, we consider the deployment of battery energy storage systems (BESSs) paired with photovoltaics (PV) to form a hybrid clean energy center (HCEC), where the BESS is equipped for two main purposes: i) reducing the volatility of PV output and ii) shifting energy to meet an export limit. We develop a linear dynamical model to characterize the output of an HCEC and express the volatility and export power as functions of the battery's dispatch operations. We also propose an optimal sizing method via second-order cone programming (SOCP) to maximize the net benefits of the HCEC. Numerical studies are performed to illustrate and validate the proposed method.

Published: January 31, 2023


Ma X., C. Holland, J.B. Twitchell, and D. Wu. 2022. Optimal Sizing and Operation of a Hybrid Clean Energy Center. In IEEE Electrical Energy Storage Applications and Technologies (EESAT) 2022, Austin, TX., 1-5. Piscataway, New Jersey:IEEE. PNNL-SA-174560. doi:10.1109/EESAT55007.2022.9998017

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