October 24, 2023
Journal Article

Nonequilibrium Behavior in Isoprene Secondary Organic Aerosol


Recent studies have shown that instantaneous gas-particle equilibrium partitioning assumption fails to predict SOA formation, even at high relative humidity (~85%), and photochemical aging seems to be one driving factor. In this study, we probed the minimum aging timescale required to observe non-equilibrium partitioning of semivolatile organic compounds (SVOCs) between the gas- and aerosol-phase at ~50% RH. Seed isoprene SOA was generated by photo-oxidation in the presence of effloresced ammonium sulfate seeds at

Published: October 24, 2023


Chen Y., R.A. Zaveri, G.W. Vandergrift, Z. Cheng, S. China, A. Zelenyuk-Imre, and J.E. Shilling. 2023. Nonequilibrium Behavior in Isoprene Secondary Organic Aerosol. Environmental Science & Technology 57, no. 38:14182–14193. PNNL-SA-185113. doi:10.1021/acs.est.3c03532

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