November 1, 2023
Journal Article

(Mg,Mn,Fe,Co,Ni)O: A rocksalt high-entropy oxide containing divalent Mn and Fe


High-entropy oxides (HEOs) have aroused growing interest due to fundamental questions relating to their structure formation, phase stability, and the interplay between configurational disorder and physical and chemical properties. Introducing Fe(II) and Mn(II) into a rocksalt HEO is considered challenging, as theoretical analysis suggests that they are unstable in this structure under ambient conditions. Here, we develop a bottom-up method for synthesizing Mn- and Fe-containing rocksalt HEO (FeO-HEO). We present a comprehensive investigation of its crystal structure and the random cation-site occupancy. We show the improved structural robustness of this FeO-HEO and verify the viability of an oxygen sublattice as a buffer layer. Compositional analysis reveals the valence and spin state of the iron species. We further report the antiferromagnetic order of this FeO-HEO below the transition temperature ~ 218 K and predict the phase stability of Mn- and Fe-containing HEOs under certain conditions. Our results provide new insights into the design and property tailoring of new classes of HEOs.

Published: November 1, 2023


Pu Y., D. Moseley, Z. He, K. Pitike, M.E. Manley, J. Yan, and V.R. Cooper, et al. 2023. (Mg,Mn,Fe,Co,Ni)O: A rocksalt high-entropy oxide containing divalent Mn and Fe. Science Advances 9, no. 38:eadi8809. PNNL-SA-185992. doi:10.1126/sciadv.adi8809

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