May 1, 2021
Book Chapter

Metals and methylotrophy: Via global gene expression studies


A number of minerals, such as copper, cobalt, and rare earth elements (REE), are essential modulators of microbial one carbon metabolism. This chapter provides an overview of the gene expression study design and analysis protocols for uncovering REE-induced changes in methylotrophic bacteria. By interrogating relationships and differences in total gene expression induced by mineral micronutrients, a deeper understanding of gene regulation at a systems scale can be gained. With careful design and execution of RNA-sequencing experiments, thorough processing and assessment of read quality can be utilized to assess and adjust for possible biases. By ensuring only quality data are utilized in downstream processes, differential gene expression, overrepresented analyses, and gene-set enrichment analyses provide reliable and reproducible representation of pathways and functions which are being affected by changes in environmental conditions.

Published: May 1, 2021


Johnson Z.J., D. Krutkin, P. Bohutskyi, and M.G. Kalyuzhnaya. 2021. "Metals and methylotrophy: Via global gene expression studies." In Methods in Enzymology, edited by J. A. Cotruvo Jr. 185-213. PNNL-SA-160052. doi:10.1016/bs.mie.2021.01.046