April 4, 2024

Low-temperature electrochemical wastewater oxidation


Here, we demonstrated the Clean Sustainable Electrochemical Treatment (CleanSET) process that enables the distributed clean-up of biomass-derived wastewater while simultaneously generating hydrogen (H2). The specific goal of this project is to 1) demonstrate the selective removal of chemical oxygen demand (COD), total carbon (TC), and total nitrogen (TN) of different wastewaters, 2) optimize the electrode composition to improve electrochemical performance, and 3) perform a high-level techno-economic analysis to obtain levelized costs of disposal (LCOD) .

Published: April 4, 2024


Lopez-Ruiz J.A., N.W. Riedel, B. Boruah, S. Bhatwadekar, L.E. Strange, and S. Li. 2023. Low-temperature electrochemical wastewater oxidation Richland, WA: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.