April 5, 2024
Conference Paper

Low-Radioactivity Argon for Rare-Event Searches


39Ar and 42Ar produce irreducible backgrounds for several argon-based dark matter and neutrino experiments. The use of low-radioactivity underground argon (UAr) could be a solution to the problem. The DarkSide-50 experiment demonstrated that argon derived from underground sources can contain a much lower concentration of 39Ar than atmospheric argon. Following this success, the Global Argon Dark Matter Collaboration (GADMC) is procuring hundreds of tons of UAr for the DarkSide-20k detector. To serve the broader community need, it is increasingly important to identify new sources of low-radioactivity argon. In addition, understanding the underground production mechanisms of argon radioisotopes and devising methods to measure them at ultra-low levels is necessary. The use of low-radioactivity argon could be crucial to expanding the physics goals and sensitivity of next-generation large-scale argon-based experiments.

Published: April 5, 2024


Sharma Poudel S., B.M. Loer, R.N. Saldanha, H.O. Back, and B.R. Hackett. 2023. Low-Radioactivity Argon for Rare-Event Searches. In Low Radioactivity Technique (LRT 2022) Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Low Radioactivity Techniques, June 14-17, 2022, Rapid City, IA., AIP Proceedings, edited by J. Heise and R.W. Schnee, 2908, Paper No. 100004. Melville, New York:AIP Publishing. PNNL-SA-176852. doi:10.1063/5.0161208

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