September 26, 2023

Intermediate Temperature Single Component Electrolysis Cell


This project aims at demonstrating a fundamentally new approach towards electrochemical hydrogen production using a single component cell design. Conventional electrolyzer cells consist of a stack of layers (oxygen and fuel electrodes, electrolyte layer) that require multiple processing steps and add to the fabrication cost and complexity. Here we explore the viability of a single-layer electrolyzer device based on the single-layer SOFC concepts described in literature (Asghar et al, 2020). The single layer material is a composite of ionic conductor and catalytic material consisting of ceria doped with Gd and Sm co-processed with CuFe2O4.

Published: September 26, 2023


Polikarpov E. 2023. Intermediate Temperature Single Component Electrolysis Cell Richland, WA: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

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