September 6, 2019
Journal Article

Interaction of Titanium Isopropoxide with Surface Hydroxyls on Silica

S Srinivasan
A Datye
Mark Hampden-Smith
Charles Peden
Six different silicas, (two aerosils, a hydrophobic aerosil, a silica gel and Stober spheres) pretreated at 423 K in vacuum were impregnated with Ti-(O-i-Pr)4 in a N2 atmosphere and the excess alkoxide washed away in an inert environment. Infrared spectroscopy showed significant differences in the relative proportioins of isolateed and H-bonded surface hydroxyls on these silicas. The silicas that had a higher proportion of H-bonded hydroxyls on these silicas.

Revised: September 6, 2019 | Published: February 1, 1994

Srinivasan S., A.K. Datye, M.J. Hampden-Smith, and C.H. Peden. 1994. "Interaction of Titanium Isopropoxide with Surface Hydroxyls on Silica." Journal of Catalysis 145, no. 2:565-573. PNNL-SA-23182. doi:10.1006/jcat.1994.1068