September 6, 2019
Journal Article

Infrared Free Induction Decay of Liquid Water Molecules

Robert Crowell
Gary Holtom
Xiaoliang Xie
The infrared vibrational quantum beats of monomeric liquid water molecules dissolved in deuterated methylene chloride are directly observed at room temperature by up-converting the free induction decay generated with a new femtosecond infrared optical parametric oscillator operated near 3 um.

Revised: September 6, 2019 | Published: February 1, 1995

Crowell R.A., G.R. Holtom, and X. Xie. 1995. "Infrared Free Induction Decay of Liquid Water Molecules." Journal of Physical Chemistry 99, no. 7:1840-1842. PNL-SA-25385. doi:10.1021/j100007a009