August 22, 2000
Journal Article

Incident Beam Diffraction in Electron Stimulated Desorption

Matthew Sieger
Thomas Orlando


We describe a new experimental technique utilizing incident beam diffraction in electron stimulated desorption to determine the initial atomic bonding structure of desorbates. Diffraction in electron stimulated desorption can provide detailed information about the ground state surface bonding geometry of the absorber with sub-Angstrom resolution of bond vectors. We discuss the role of electron diffraction in ESD, and demonstrate these ideas with experimental measurements of Cl+ ion ESD from chlorinated Si(111)-(7x7) and (1x1) surfaces.

Revised: August 22, 2000 | Published: April 1, 2000


Sieger M.T., and T.M. Orlando. 2000. "Incident Beam Diffraction in Electron Stimulated Desorption." Surface Science 451. PNNL-SA-33217.