February 15, 2024
Journal Article

Guided anisotropic oxygen transport in vacancy ordered oxides


Anisotropic and efficient transport of ions under external stimuli governs the operation and failure mechanisms of energy-conversion systems and microelectronics devices. However, fundamental understanding of such processes is impeded by the lack of atomically precise materials and probes that allow for the monitoring and control at the appropriate time- and length- scales. In this work, using in situ transmission electron microscopy, we directly show that oxygen ion migration in vacancy ordered, semiconducting SrFeO2.5 epitaxial thin films can be guided to proceed through two distinctly different diffusion pathways, each resulting in different polymorphs of SrFeO2.75 with different ground electronic properties before reaching a fully oxidized, metallic SrFeO3 phase. The diffusion steps and reaction intermediates are revealed by means of ab initio calculations. The principles of controlling oxygen diffusion pathways and reaction intermediates demonstrated here can significantly advance the rational design of structurally ordered oxides for tailored applications.

Published: February 15, 2024


Yang Z., L. Wang, J.A. Dhas, M.H. Engelhard, M.E. Bowden, W. Liu, and Z. Zhu, et al. 2023. Guided anisotropic oxygen transport in vacancy ordered oxides. Nature Communications 14. PNNL-SA-172244. doi:10.1038/s41467-023-40746-4