July 22, 2019
Conference Paper

Geophysical Monitoring with Seismic Metamaterial Contrast Agents


Acoustic impedance tube and forced-oscillation seismic core test measurements were conducted to examine the low-frequency properties of acoustic metamaterial contrast agents. Water-stable suspensions of metal-organic framework (MOF) nanoparticles increased sound transmission loss (100-1250 Hz) and seismic attenuation (10-70 Hz), and reduced Young’s modulus of nanofluid-saturated Berea Sandstone cores. Preliminary measurements were used to parameterize a seismic wave velocity model. These results indicate that injectable MOF nanofluid contrast agents have potential to enhance seismic delineation of subsurface fluids and structures.

Revised: February 7, 2020 | Published: July 22, 2019


Miller Q., H.T. Schaef, S.K. Nune, K. Jung, J.A. Burghardt, P.F. Martin, and M.S. Prowant, et al. 2019. Geophysical Monitoring with Seismic Metamaterial Contrast Agents. In Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC 2019), July 22-24, 2019, Denver, CO, Paper No 1123. Richardson, Texas:Society of Petroleum Engineers. PNNL-SA-148890. doi:10.15530/urtec-2019-1123