April 2, 2024
Journal Article

Dual-Comb Spectroscopy in the Deep Ultraviolet


This letter reports dual frequency comb spectroscopy in the deep ultraviolet used to characterize transient laserproduced plasmas. Dual-comb spectroscopy at these wavelengths enables access to a large number of strong electronic transitions in neutral and ionized atoms and molecules. This broadband dual-frequency comb system at 265 nm measures multiple transitions in neutral and singly-ionized iron atoms in a laser-produced plasma. Analysis of absorption spectra yields time-resolved ion and neutral column densities, excitation temperatures, and electron densities which are measured down to 1014 cm-3 levels. The results provide new insights into low-temperature plasma properties.

Published: April 2, 2024


McCauley J.J., M.C. Phillips, R.R. Weeks, Y. Zhang, S.S. Harilal, and R. Jones. 2024. Dual-Comb Spectroscopy in the Deep Ultraviolet. Optica 11, no. 4:460-463. PNNL-SA-196247. doi:10.1364/OPTICA.516851

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