January 30, 2022

DSO+T: Integrated System Simulation DSO+T Study: Volume 2


This report summarizes an integrated co-simulation model used by the Distribution System Operator with Transactive (DSO+T) study to represent an electrical generation, delivery, and end-load systems for the purposes of assessing the viability and value proposition of transactive energy coordination of flexible assets versus a business-as-usual case. The integrated co-simulation model includes the bulk generation and transmission system, including the day-ahead and real-time scheduling and dispatch of thermal generators. Forty distribution system operators were modelled in detail, including tens of thousands of residential and commercial buildings and their flexible end-loads. These included HVAC systems, residential water heaters, electric vehicles, and stationary, behind-the-meter, batteries. Both wholesale market and end-load results for the business-as-usual case are presented and compared to actual ERCOT system data to assess the accuracy and representativeness of the resulting model.

Published: January 30, 2022


Reeve H.M., A. Singhal, A. Tbaileh, R.G. Pratt, T.D. Hardy, J.D. Doty, and L.D. Marinovici, et al. 2022. DSO+T: Integrated System Simulation DSO+T Study: Volume 2. PNNL-32170-2. Richland, WA: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.