June 24, 2019
Journal Article

Downhole Weir for Measuring Flow Rate in Recirculation Wells

Tyler Gilmore
J Davis
J Coates
Recirculating wells are increasingly being used for ground water remediation and aquifer characterization investigations. Determination of flow rate is required for proper design and spacing of recirculation wells. The measurement of flow rate, however, can be difficult using standard equipment. To overcome some of the flow measurement problems associated with more common measurement systems, a new device in the form of a downhole weir was developed for recirculating wells that use a two-casing design. The weir was designed to measure flow rates between 10 and 40 gpm. In this flow range, the weir had an accuracy of ±2.8 gpm. This accuracy may be improved with some modifications.

Revised: June 24, 2019 | Published: August 3, 1998

Gilmore T.J., J. Davis, and J. Coates. 1998. "Downhole Weir for Measuring Flow Rate in Recirculation Wells." Ground Water Monitoring and Remediation 18, no. 3:146-150. PNNL-SA-31792. doi:10.1111/j.1745-6592.1998.tb00738.x