August 24, 2023

Distributed Rules-Based Deconfliction of ADMS Applications: Part 2: Conceptual Implementation


This work introduces a rules-based deconfliction methodology for resolving conflicting device control commands issued by advanced power applications considering a range of technical, economic, environmental, and social objectives. The methodology is designed to serve as one of multiple alternative implementations (along with application cooperation and global optimization) for the numerical component of the Deconfliction Pipeline. Development of the methodology is divided into two parts. The first document previously defined the requirements, context, and methods for decomposing the deconfliction problem using the Laminar Coordination Framework and Variable Grid Structures. The deconfliction problem was decomposed into a distributed optimization problem based on the concept of quasi-static grid segments, which form independent distributed areas for control and coordination. It was recommended that selection of the optimal number of decompositions of the deconfliction problem be made based on a tradeoff analysis between computational speed and global optimality. This second document defines an initial set of technical, economic, and environmental criteria, as well as thirty specific qualitative rules that are used as part of the deconfliction methodology to eliminate non-viable setpoint alternatives. The deconfliction optimization problem is converted into a ranking of individual discrete setpoints, which are scored by the extent to which they satisfy specific decision criteria. The ranking is determined through the concepts of deconfliction exclusivity, priority, and preference. Several multi-criteria decision-making frameworks are examined with the simple multi-attribute rating technique exploiting ranks (SMARTER) recommended as a simple implementation alternative that aligns with the steps of the rules-based deconfliction methodology.

Published: August 24, 2023


Anderson A.A., S.V. Vadari, L.T. Wall, P. Sharma, and A.P. Reiman. 2023. Distributed Rules-Based Deconfliction of ADMS Applications: Part 2: Conceptual Implementation Richland, WA: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

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