February 1, 2023
Journal Article

Development of a 127Xe calibration source for nEXO


We study a possible calibration technique for the nEXO experiment using a 127Xe electron capture source. nEXO is a next-generation search for neutrinoless double beta decay (0?ßß) that will use a 5-tonne, monolithic liquid xenon time projection chamber (TPC). The xenon, used both as source and detection medium, will be enriched to 90% in 136Xe. To optimize the event reconstruction and energy resolution, calibrations are needed to map the position- and time-dependent detector response. The 36.3 day half-life of 127Xe and its small Q-value compared to that of 136Xe 0?ßß would allow a small activity to be maintained continuously in the detector during normal operations without introducing additional backgrounds, thereby enabling in-situ calibration and monitoring of the detector response. In this work we describe a process for producing the source and preliminary experimental tests. We then use simulations to project the precision with which such a source could calibrate spatial corrections to the light and charge response of the nEXO TPC.

Published: February 1, 2023


Lenardo B.G., C. Hardy, R. Tsang, J. Nzobadila Ondze, A. Piepke, S. Triambak, and A. Jamil, et al. 2022. Development of a 127Xe calibration source for nEXO. Journal of Instrumentation 17, no. 7:Art. No. 07028. PNNL-SA-178273. doi:10.1088/1748-0221/17/07/P07028

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