May 27, 2020
Journal Article

Data sharing and scientific impact in eddy covariance research

Benjamin Bond-Lamberty


Do the benefits of data sharing outweigh its perceived costs? This is a critical question, and one with the potential to change culture and behavior. Dai et al. (2018) examine how data sharing is related to scientific impact in the field of eddy covariance (EC), and find that data sharers are disproportionately high-impact researchers, and vice versa; they also note strong regional differences in EC data sharing norms. The current policies and restrictions of EC journals and repositories are highly uneven. Incentivizing data sharing and enhancing computational reproducibility are critical next steps for EC, ecology, and science more broadly.

Revised: May 27, 2020 | Published: May 30, 2018


Bond-Lamberty B. 2018. "Data sharing and scientific impact in eddy covariance research." Journal of Geophysical Research. Biogeosciences 123, no. 4:1440-1443. PNNL-SA-133276. doi:10.1002/2018JG004502