November 21, 2021
Book Chapter

Coupled cluster Green's function: Past, Present, and Future


Coupled cluster Green's function (CCGF) approach has drawn much attention in recent years for targeting the molecular and material electronic structure problems from a many-body perspective in a systematically improvable way. Here, we will present a brief review of the history of how the Green's function method evolved with the wavefunction, early and recent development of CCGF theory, and more recently scalable CCGF software development. We will highlight some of the recent applications of CCGF approach and propose some potential applications that would emerge in the near future.

Published: November 21, 2021


Peng B., N.P. Bauman, S. Gulania, and K. Kowalski. 2021. "Coupled cluster Green's function: Past, Present, and Future." In Annual Reports in Computational Chemistry. 23-53. Amsterdam:Elsevier. PNNL-SA-163948. doi:10.1016/bs.arcc.2021.08.002