February 15, 2024
Journal Article

Comparison of Source-Location Algorithms for Atmospheric samplers


Numerous algorithms have been developed to determine the source characteristics for an atmospheric release, e.g., (Bieringer et al., 2017). This study compares three models that have been applied to the data collected by the International Monitoring System operated by the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Preparatory Commission to estimate source event parameters. Each model uses a different approach to estimate the parameters. A deterministic model uses a possible source region (PSR) approach (Ringbom et al., 2014) that is based on the correlation between predicted and measured sample values. An unnamed model developed at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (herein called BAYEST) uses a Bayesian formulation (Eslinger et al., 2019; Eslinger et al., 2020; Eslinger and Schrom, 2016). The FREAR model uses a different Bayesian formulation (De Meutter and Hoffman, 2020; De Meutter et al., 2021; Pieter De Meutter, 2021).

Published: February 15, 2024


Eslinger P.W., W.S. Rosenthal, R.S. Sarathi, B.T. Schrom, and E.L. McCann. 2024. Comparison of Source-Location Algorithms for Atmospheric samplers. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 273. PNNL-SA-192017. doi:10.1016/j.jenvrad.2024.107384