April 23, 2024

Chlorine Isotope Separations using Thermal Diffusion


As of the close of 2023 a thermal diffusion isotope separations (TDIS) apparatus was constructed, successful shakedown testing was achieved and enrichments of isotopic concentrations relative to natural abundance 35/37Cl were collected. Further, the model for these enrichment experiments drove the timing for sampling and other critical, extrapolated functions that are discussed herein. Our decision to move forward in 2024 with the installation of a larger set of separation tubes and associated equipment was based on the successful development of the predictive model. The Chlorine Isotopes Project Team at PNNL is prepared to claim that the installation and hence its separative power is restricted only by the spatial limitations of the laboratory, and this at present appears to be the limiting feature to first pass high enriched 37Cl

Published: April 23, 2024


Huber Z.F., M.R. Powell, T.D. Schlieder, J.S. Cervantes, J.M. Davis, P.K. Okabe, and R.E. Stene, et al. 2024. Chlorine Isotope Separations using Thermal Diffusion Richland, WA: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

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