November 10, 2023
Journal Article

Charge trapping correction and energy performance of the Majorana Demonstrator


P-type point contact (PPC) high-purity germanium detectors are an important technology in astroparticle and nuclear physics due to their superb energy resolution, low noise, and pulse shape discrimination capabilities. Analysis of data from the Majorana Demonstrator, a neutrinoless double-ß decay experiment deploying PPC detectors enriched in 76Ge, has led to several novel improvements in the analysis of PPC signals. In this work we discuss charge trapping in PPC detectors and its effect on energy resolution. Small dislocations or impurities in the crystal lattice result in trapping of charge carriers from an ionization event of interest, attenuating the signal, and degrading the measured energy. We present a modified digital pole-zero correction to the signal energy estimation that counters the effects of charge trapping and improves the energy resolution of the Majorana Demonstrator by approximately 30% to around 2.4 keV full width at half-maximum at 2039 keV, the 76Ge Q value. An alternative approach achieving similar resolution enhancement is also presented.

Published: November 10, 2023


Arnquist I.J., F.T. Avignone, A.S. Barabash, C.J. Barton, K.H. Bhimani, E. Blalock, and B. Bos, et al. 2023. Charge trapping correction and energy performance of the Majorana Demonstrator. Physical Review C 107, no. 4:Art. No. 045503. PNNL-SA-191829. doi:10.1103/PhysRevC.107.045503

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