May 26, 2023
Journal Article

App Deconfliction: Orchestrating Distributed, Multi-Agent, Multi-Objective Operations for Power Systems


Advanced distribution systems need to integrate and orchestrate an increasing number of increasingly intelligent subsystems and grid-edge devices while serving multiple system-level objectives such as resilience, decarbonization, equity, and profitability. A platform approach to distribution system operations technology enables system operators to deploy a tailored set of best-of-breed algorithms and applications. Combined with the parallel deployment of intelligent grid-edge and Internet-of-things devices, this creates a complex environment of distributed applications that spans ownership boundaries. Conflicts emerge between applications that want to control overlapping sets of device setpoints. We propose a formalized approach to resolving these conflicts that system operators and integrated solution providers may use when integrating new algorithms or developing customized solutions. A deconfliction pipeline is inserted between the device-controlling applications and the device protocol converter, which transmits control setpoints from the operations platform to the devices. The deconfliction pipeline executes a process that sets up, solves, and acts on a formally defined deconfliction problem. The deconfliction problem can be solved using a combination of rules and heuristics, application engagement, and optimization. We demonstrate how a few of the simplest solution strategies can be used to orchestrate harmonious behavior from a pair of simple applications with different greedy optimization objectives.

Published: May 26, 2023


Reiman A.P., S. Poudel, M. Mukherjee, A.A. Anderson, O. Vasios, T. Slay, and G.D. Black, et al. 2023. App Deconfliction: Orchestrating Distributed, Multi-Agent, Multi-Objective Operations for Power Systems. IEEE Access 11. PNNL-SA-183068. doi:10.1109/ACCESS.2023.3269422