Visual Sample Plan

Visual Sample Plan (VSP) is a software tool that supports the development of a defensible sampling plan based on statistical sampling theory and the statistical analysis of sample results to support confident decision making. VSP couples site, building, and sample location visualization capabilities with optimal sampling design and statistical analysis strategies.


VSP is currently focused on the following applications:

  • Environmental characterization and remediation
  • Environmental monitoring and stewardship
  • Footprint reduction and remediation of unexploded ordnance sites
  • Sampling of soils, buildings, groundwater, sediment, surface water, and subsurface layers
  • Response and recovery of a chemical, biological, or radiological terrorist event

VSP helps users obtain answers to these questions:

  • How many samples do I need?
  • Where should I take samples?
  • What decisions do my data support?
  • How confident am I in those decisions?

General questions: