Wind, waves, and tides are being harnessed as a renewable energy source as global demand continues to increase. However, uncertainty around potential environmental impacts to animals and ecosystems slow the permitting process for the marine energy industry. Part of the challenge is the lack of data collected around deployed marine energy devices.  


PNNL researchers developed and manage the online database Tethys on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Water Power Technologies Office (WPTO) and Wind Energy Technologies Office. Named after the Greek Titaness of the sea, Tethys actively collects and curates information on the environmental effects of wind and marine energy. Content is displayed on a searchable library and interactive map that provide access to publications, project sites, and research studies from around the world.

After a decade of supporting the wind and marine renewable energy communities, WPTO directed the creation of Tethys Engineering to help the marine energy industry work through the technical and engineering challenges of deploying devices at sea. Tethys Engineering mirrors the same functionality and look of Tethys, while providing information on a complimentary topic.

Through Tethys and Tethys Engineering, PNNL is helping the wind and marine renewable energy industries consider the health of marine ecosystems as they advance viable marine energy devices.