Center for Collaborative Cyber-Physical Research


Composite Visual by Jeff London  |  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Scientifically rigorous cyber-physical research is needed but must be performed in highly realistic environments. A readily available testbed framework is needed that does not demand expensive resources but has considerable fidelity to operational environments.

PNNL’s Center for Collaborative Cyber-Physical Research (C3PR) is a federated environment for open cyber-physical research. It enables real-world, risk free experimental environments that include testbeds, models, datasets, methodologies, orchestration, and expertise.

C3PR offers researchers variable degrees of control over the services they use for both cyber and physical research capabilities with demonstratable federation. It allows remote access to a wide range of environments, orchestration, and resources—many of which are retained in catalogs for reuse. C3PR leverages existing PNNL facilities that have been built to focus on high-fidelity emulation, including rigorous hardware-in-the-loop testing that can be merged with scalable virtual resources.  

C3PR is being developed to complement the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate’s Defense Technology Experimental Research testbed by targeting relevant domains while maintaining a focus on cyber-physical systems.