Materials Scientist
Materials Scientist


Dr. Thevuthasen is a materials scientist with the Biogeochemical Transformations team in PNNL’s Environmental Molecular Sciences Division and the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL) user program. His research has focused on surface structures of pure and adsorbate-covered single crystal surfaces, thin-film and interfacial characterizations using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy/diffraction, photoelectron holography, and high-energy ion beam techniques. He has contributed to the understanding of nanomaterials' synthesis and characterization, ionic transport processes in single and multilayer oxide thin-film electrolytes, growth and characterization of oxide thin films, and the understanding of radiation effects in ceramics and oxides. Much of his recent work has focused on developing battery material, nanoparticles, and other nanostructured materials.

He has held several group leadership positions with responsibilities for developing staff and instrumental capabilities at EMSL. He was one of the initial EMSL staff members and helped design EMSL capabilities. He is now working with other researchers at PNNL to design a next generation laboratory for catalysis and energy materials research. Google Scholar reports that he has over 300 research publications and more than 12,000 citations. He was recognized as an American Vacuum Society Fellow in 2010 and AVS Recognition for Mentorship Excellence in 2020.

Research Interest

  • Surface structures of pure and adsorbate-covered single crystal surfaces 

  • Thin-film and interfacial characterizations using laboratory and light source X-ray based capabilities 

  • Material modification and analysis using high-energy ion beams  


  • PhD in Physics (Surface Science), University of Maine, 1989  

  • MS in Energy Technology, Asian Institute of Technology, 1984 

  • BS in Physics (honors), University of Peredeniya, 1981 

Affiliations and Professional Service

  • American Vacuum Society 

Awards and Recognitions

  • Recognition for Excellence in Mentorship, for outstanding activities mentoring our next generation scientists and engineers in addition to being a leading researcher, AVS (2020) 

  • Fellow, recognized for sustained and outstanding technical contributions in areas of interest to AVS, AVS (2010) 

  • Fitzner-Eberhardt Award, honored for making significant contributions to science and engineering education (2010) 

  • Several Outstanding Performance Awards, PNNL  

  • Chester L. Cooper Mentor of the Year Award, celebrated for mentoring postdoctoral research associates and students (2002) 


  • J. Liu, Karel Domansky, Xiahong Li, Nathan Kohler, Glen Fryxell, S. Thevuthasan, and S. Baskaran. “Low Dielectric Constant Mesoporous Silica Films using Small Polyoxyethylene Ether Surfactants, Co-Surfactant, and Spin Coating Technology.” U.S. Patent US6329017B1 



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