Dr. Tatiana Levitskaia is a chemist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) supporting the Energy and Environmental directorate. She has developed new research capabilities and programs in chemical separations applied to nuclear processes, critical materials, and hazardous environmental contaminants. Additionally, she has extensive experience in the design and characterization of advanced multifunctional inorganic materials for the management of hazardous contaminants and chelation agents for decorporation therapies.

Levitskaia has received national and international recognition in the fundamental chemistry of f-elements and fission products, specifically related to the speciation equilibrium analysis and development of separation processes for the nuclear fuel cycle, nuclear legacy waste processing, critical material recovery, and subsurface remediation.

She is also actively involved in career coaching of junior staff and in educating a new generation of scientists evident through her collaboration with universities and long-term engagement with national (National Security Internship Program, Department of Energy (DOE) Community College Internship, DOE Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship, PNNL Next Generation Safeguard Initiative, DOE Minority Serving Institution Partnership Program) and international (Korea Nuclear International Cooperation Foundation) institutional internship programs.

Research Interest

  • Redox and chemical speciation of f-elements and fission products in aqueous media and molten salt
  • Ion recognition and development of separation processes for the nuclear tank waste, nuclear fuel cycle, and groundwater remediation 
  • Development of multifunctional advanced inorganic materials for radionuclides
  • Thermodynamics of aqueous electrolytes and molten salts 
  • Online process monitoring of the radioactive streams
  • Sequestration and decorporation of radionuclides and toxic metals


  • PhD in Chemistry, Brigham Young University
  • MS in Chemistry, St. Petersburg State University

Affiliations and Professional Service

  • American Chemical Society
  • American Geochemical Society     



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