Joint Appointee
Joint Appointee


Dr. Ryan Kelly is an an associate professor of chemistry at Brigham Young University and PNNL joint appointee with the Environmental Molecular Sciences Division and the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL) user program. 

As a bioanalytical chemist, Kelly focuses on developing and deploying new technological solutions to further biological research. Several technologies he’s developed or co-developed have been licensed and/or commercialized, including chemically etched nanospray emitters, multielectrospray sources, and the subambient pressure ionization with nanoelectrospray source.  

His current research efforts involve combining microfluidic nanodroplet sample preparation, nanoflow chemical separations, and ultrasensitive mass spectrometry to extend omic analyses to smaller samples, enabling spatially resolved measurements, and single cell analyses. The central component of the platform is termed nanoPOTS (Nanodroplet Processing in One-pot for Trace Samples), which has enabled in-depth proteome analyses from 1 – 100 plant or mammalian cells. 


Research Interest

  • Nanoscale proteomics 

  • Single cell analysis 

  • Spatially resolved omics 

  • Microfluidic sample preparation and analysis 

  • Nanoflow liquid chromatography 

  • Nano- and picoelectrospray ionization 

  • Ultrasensitive mass spectrometry 


  • PhD in Chemistry, Brigham Young University, 2005 

  • BS in Biochemistry, Brigham Young University, 2001 



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