Environmental Engineer
Environmental Engineer


Robin Sullivan has extensive experience utilizing her engineering background with a diverse set of clients on issues associated with sustainable design, pollution prevention, industrial safety, and nuclear safety. Her experience has focused on working with teams of subject matter experts to identify and provide solutions to complex problems. Her current focus is sustainable design and pollution prevention, including Army Reserve solid waste programs. Sullivan’s primary interest is municipal solid waste—specifically, its reduction, diversion, and potential for energy recovery.

Research Interest

  • Sustainable design and development
  • Pollution prevention
  • Waste to energy
  • Net zero waste
  • Waste minimization and diversion
  • Risk management


  • BS in Metallurgical Engineering, University of Washington, 1992

Affiliations and Professional Service

Awards and Recognitions

  • Outstanding Performance Award (OPA), Efforts in development of Army 2015 Net Zero Progress Report, PNNL (2016)
  • OPA, Contribution to the development and management of Building Energy Asset Score, PNNL (2016)
  • OPA, Efforts in the development of the Documented Safety Analysis (DSA) for Waste Treatment Plant, PNNL (2013)
  • Certificate of Appreciation, Contribution to the Mars Science Laboratory Inter-Agency Nuclear Safety Review Panel, NASA (2012)
  • OPA, Efforts of the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Asset Score Program, PNNL (2012)
  • OPA, Support to the Pit Disassembly and Conversion Facility Project, PNNL (2010)
  • Reward and Recognition, Support in the review and approval of Radiochemical Processing Laboratory Safety Basis documents, PNNL (2008)
  • OPA, Contribution to the PDSA Project, PNNL (2005)
  • Shining Star Award, K Basin Hose-In-Hose Preliminary Documented Safety Analysis (PDSA), PNNL (2004)
  • OPA, Successful 2003. PNNL (2004)
  • OPA, K Basin Sludge Retrieval Preliminary Hazard Analysis, PNNL (2004)
  • OPA, Pit Disassembly and Conversion Facility PDSA, PNNL (2003)
  • Certificate of Excellence, Completion of the DSA, CH2MHill (2003)
  • OPA, Efforts to support Tank System Retrieval and Closure Environmental Impact Statement, PNNL (2003)
  • OPA, Contribution toward Chernobyl Project contract win, PNNL (2003)
  • OPA, Efforts in finalizing Waste Management Project DSA supporting documentation, PNNL (2002)
  • OPA, Recognition for support in Unresolved Safety Question (USQ) for Hanford Tank Waste Operations, PNNL (2001)
  • Certificate of Appreciation for performance in conducting assessment of RPP USQ Process, Office of River Protection (2000)
  • Certificate of Appreciation, Closure of USQ, SY-Farm Project (2000)







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