Manager, Materials and Devices Group
Energy and Environment Directorate
Manager, Materials and Devices Group
Energy and Environment Directorate


Mr. Gross is a manager for the Materials and Devices Group in the Energy and Efficiency Division. He has 24 years experience at PNNL in materials and process development of vacuum deposited thin films and progressive experience managing 24 staff with a diverse background in materials development. He is also the principle investigator/program manager for several programs utilizing the PNNL developed thin film multi-layer barrier technology. He is a Co-Inventor / developer of the multi-layer barrier technology at PNNL. His activities include staff management, program management, program development, and relationship building. He holds 24 US patents, 54 International patents, several applications pending, and 35 publications / presentations. He has been recognized internally and externally for his research with 3 R&D 100 awards, 2 Federal Laboratory Awards for excellence in technology, multiple PNNL Key Contributor Awards for commercialization of intellectual property, and many PNNL Outstanding Team Performance Awards for exceeding project goals. He is a Distinguished Inventor of Battelle Memorial Institute.

Research Interest

  • Thin film vacuum deposition process development for energy storage, moisture barrier, improved functionality, and new areas.
  • Vacuum deposition equipment design, fabrication, install and baseline.

Affiliations and Professional Service

  • Society for Vacuum Coaters
  • Society for Information Displays

Awards and Recognitions

  • 24 US granted patents, several applications pending
  • 54 international patents
  • 3 R&D 100 Awards
  • 2 Federal Laboratory Awards for Excellence in Technology
  • Several PNNL Outstanding and Exceptional Performance Awards
  • Several PNNL Key Contributor Awards
  • Distinguished Inventor of Battelle Memorial Institute


Selected Patents

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  • 5,902,641 - Flash Evaporation Of Liquid Monomer Particle Mixture
  • 6,413,645 - Ultrabarrier Substrates
  • 6,492,026 - Smoothing And Barrier Layers On High Tg Substrates
  • 6,497,924 - Method of Making Non-Linear Optical Polymer
  • 6,522,067 - Environmental Barrier Material For Organic Light Emitting Device And Method Of Making
  • 6,544,600 - Plasma Enhanced Chemical Deposition of Conjugated Polymer
  • 6,548,912 - Semiconductor Passivation Using Barrier Coatings
  • 6,570,325 - Environmental Barrier Material for Organic Light Emitting Device and Method of Making
  • 6,573,652 - Encapsulated Display Devices
  • 6,613,395 - Method of Making Molecularly Doped Composite Polymer Material
  • 6,623,861 - Multilayer Plastic Substrates
  • 6,656,537 - Plasma Enhanced Chemical Deposition With Low Vapor Pressure Compounds
  • 6,811,829 - Method Of Making A Coating Of A Microtextured Surface
  • 6,858,259 - Plasma Enhanced Chemical Deposition For High And/Or Low Index Of Refraction Polymers
  • 6,866,901 - Method for Edge Sealing Moisture Barrier Films
  • 6,909,230 - Method of Making Molecularly Doped Composite Polymer Material
  • 6,923,702 - Method Of Making Encapsulated Display Devices
  • 6,962,671 - Multilayer Plastic Substrates
  • 7,198,832 - Method for Edge Sealing Barrier Films
  • 7,510,913 - Method of Making an Encapsulated Plasma Sensitive Device
  • 7,727,601 - Method for Edge Sealing Barrier Films



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