Project Manager
Project Manager


Lara Aston leads the Environmental Effects of Energy Development subsector at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and also is a renewables integration project manager in the Electricity Infrastructure and Buildings Division. She has a strong background in environmental assessment, the ecological effects of renewable energy development, and stakeholder engagement.

Since joining PNNL in 1999, Ms. Aston has been a key contributor to many interdisciplinary programs involved with regulatory assessments, permitting, multi-agency/entity engagement, and basic and applied research to solve complex environmental problems. She also leads business development activities associated with non-DoD and non-DOE natural resource and regulatory agencies, state and local governments, tribes, and environmental non-governmental organizations.

Disciplines and Skills

  • Project Management
  • Restoration Planning and Prioritization
  • Technology Transfer
  • Business Development
  • NEPA-Related Analyses (Terrestrial and Wetlands Ecology, Human Health)
  • Stakeholder Engagement


  • M.S., Environmental Science – University of Washington 
  • B.S., Environmental Science – Western Washington University 



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