Earth Scientist, Coastal Modeling
Earth Scientist, Coastal Modeling


Dr. Premathilake joined PNNL’s Salish Sea Model development team as a post-doctoral researcher to conduct research and model development on various topics. His doctoral thesis focused on modeling deep-water oil and gas plumes and oil spreading in ice-infested waters. He has experience conducting health, safety, and environmental analyses (HSEAs) for oil and gas spills for major oil companies. Upon joining PNNL, he extended his research areas towards the modeling aspects of marine hydrodynamics, ocean outfalls, pollutant transport, marine biogeochemistry, data driven ecological modeling, and toxics transport in Salish Sea.


  • PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Clarkson University, NY, USA. 2018

  • BSc in Mechanical Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. 2012


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