Quantitative Ecologist
Quantitative Ecologist


Kate Buenau is a quantitative ecologist and modeler in the Coastal Sciences Division of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. She joined PNNL in 2009 after completing a Ph.D. in ecology, evolution and marine biology at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Her experience includes assessing and modeling species-habitat relationships and species interactions in large rivers, estuaries, and nearshore habitats. Her work supports large-scale ecosystem restoration on the Missouri and Columbia rivers and Puget Sound, and conservation of a diverse range of species including shorebirds, fish, and seagrass. She also works on modeling environmental effects of marine energy development for the Triton project. She develops habitat and population models along with tools for decision support, risk management, and uncertainty quantification, and has worked extensively with resource managers and stakeholders to create and implement practical adaptive management.


  • PhD in Ecology & Evolution of Biology, University of California - Santa Barbara
  • BS in Science, Biology, Arizona State University



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