Chemical Engineer
Chemical Engineer


Dushyant came to Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in 2017 and joined the Hydrocarbon Processing Group as a post doctoral research associate. He has experience in the synthesis and characterization of porous materials for gas adsorption applications. Dushyant’s duties in supporting the staff in the Separation Materials Team include, but are not limited to, the synthesis and characterization of novel nanoporous materials as well as the implementation of materials-based technologies for separations, adsorption, energy storage, catalysis and many such applications. His recent experience includes 1) the enhancement of traditional sorbent materials for improved toxic gas separation, 2) the design of novel materials for sorption-based cooling applications, 3) development of new techniques to characterize fundamental thermodynamic properties upon CO2 adsorption on organic solvents, and 4) optimization of a bench-scale continuous sorption process to improve the economics of flue gas separation.


  • PhD in Chemical Engineering, Vanderbilt University
  • BS in Chemical Engineering, Michigan State University

Affiliations and Professional Service

  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers
  • American Chemical Society

Awards and Recognitions

  • Superior Paper Award, Waste Management Symposium (2021)
  • Superior Paper Award, Waste Management Symposium (2020)
  • Outstanding Publication Award, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (2020)
  • Project Team ‘Of the Year’ Award, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (2019)
  • The M. Douglas LeVan Award for Distinguished Record of Graduate Research, Vanderbilt University (2016)
  • Michigan Merit Scholarship Recipient, State of Michigan (2008)




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