Data Scientist
Data Scientist


Alex Hanna joined the Hydrology group in 2019 as a postdoc in the Earth System Data Science group. Hanna earned his BS in geophysics from California State University, Northridge in 2010, then worked for the California State University, Northridge Center for Geographic Studies before attending Clemson University where he developed educational video games teaching students about interactions between the water cycle, agriculture and energy, and programmed statistical inversion software for geomechanical problems. He graduated with a MS in hydrogeology and a PhD in environmental engineering and Earth sciences.

At the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Hanna works to develop inversion, model calibration and decision support tools to better manage environmental remediation, hydraulic fracturing and geothermal energy sites.

Outside of work, Hanna enjoys camping, kayaking, and hiking with his dog, Dibblee.

Research Interest

  • Geologic Carbon Storage
  • Development of Distributed Software Applications
  • Resilient Infrastructure Systems
  • Hydrogeology
  • Wetland Ecosystems

Disciplines and Skills

  • Database Design
  • Geomechanics
  • Geophysics
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Groundwater Modeling
  • Hydrogeology 
  • LaTeX
  • Multi-objective Optimization
  • MySQL
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Python
  • Relational Data Modeling 
  • Seismology
  • Statistical Inference
  • Stochastic Optimization
  • Supercomputing


  • PhD in Environmental Engineering and Science, Clemson University
  • MS in Hydrogeology, Clemson University
  • BS in Geophysics, California State University, Northridge 

Affiliations and Professional Service

Member, American Geophysical Union


Designs for Risk Evaluation and Management (DREAM) 



  • Murdoch L., L. Germanovich, S. DeWolf, S. Moysey, A.C. Hanna, S. Kim, and R.G. Duncan. 2020. "Feasibility of using in situ deformation to monitor CO2 storage." International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 93. PNNL-SA-151345. doi:10.1016/j.ijggc.2019.102853