Chemical Engineer
Chemical Engineer


Dr. Adan Schafer Medina is a chemical engineer focused on enabling research and enhancing tools in the nuclear industry. Since 2013, he has been using experimental electrochemistry in a variety of applications, he specializes in combining electrochemical and spectroscopic techniques to meet the needs of Department of Energy projects.

Schafer Medina was born and raised in Washington State. He attended Washington State University where he received a BS and a doctorate in chemical engineering. Schafer Medina is committed to furthering diversity, equity, and inclusion through mentoring interns and through serving as co-chair for HOLA, PNNL’s Hispanic- and Latinx-serving employee resource group.

Research Interest

  • Molten salt electrochemistry
  • Chemometric modeling
  • Aqueous electrochemistry
  • Online monitoring
  • Spectroelectrochemistry


  • PhD in chemical engineering, Washington State University
  • BS in engineering and chemical engineering, Washington State University

Affiliations and Professional Service

  • American Chemical Society, Member
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Member
  • HOLA (a PNNL employee resource group), Co-Chair



  • Felmy H.M., H.E. Lackey, A. Schafer Medina, M.J. Minette, S.A. Bryan, and A.M. Lines. 2022. “Leveraging multiple Raman excitation wavelength systems for process monitoring of nuclear waste streams.” ACS ES&T Water 2, no. 3:465-473. PNNL-SA-166535. doi: 10.1021/acsestwater.1c00408


  • Felmy H.M., A.J Clifford, A. Schafer Medina, R.M. Cox, J.M. Wilson, A.M. Lines, and S.A. Bryan. 2021. “On-Line Monitoring of Gas-Phase Molecular Iodine Using Raman and Fluorescence Spectroscopy Paired with Chemometric Analysis” Environmental Science & Technology 55 (6), 3898-3908. doi: 10.1021/acs.est.0c06137