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High-performance/Data-intensive computing—dealing with massive amounts of information

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With each passing year, all areas of human activities experience a rapid growth in data volumes and intensities. In an effort to harness and make sense and use of the data, the fields of high performance and data intensive computing are emerging as a necessary component of computational and information sciences. PNNL is conducting basic computational research in a variety of topical areas, focusing on creating algorithms, software, large computer architectures and increasing data storage to enable solutions to problems in national security, scientific discovery and more. As it looks toward the future, the laboratory hopes to build a national center for data intensive computing, as a resource for internal and external clients to use to unravel complex problems containing massive amounts of data.

By using data intensive computing, or, rather, building computer systems that can collect, analyze and store massive amounts of information, researchers are able to understand biological systems more rapidly and thoroughly. The need for data intensive computing in this field is directly related to the development of sophisticated experimental technologies and large-scale computational modeling and simulation. As the technologies produce more and more data sets, researchers must be able to process and understand the information in a reasonable amount of time and in such a way that allows them to draw conclusions.

PNNL is involved in several aspects of bioinformatics, including detection, threat characterization, forensics, and medical and physical countermeasures.

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