May 9, 2022
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Williams to Speak at Quantum Conferences

Williams will speak at Commercialising Quantum and the Quantum Tech Congress

Photo of Joseph Williams

Dr. Joseph Williams will present on the importance of quantum technologies at The Economist’s Commercialising Quantum conference and the Quantum Tech Congress.

(Photo by Andrea Starr | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

On May 18, Dr. Joseph Williams will be featured in a fireside chat for The Economist’s Commercialising Quantum conference. He will be speaking with Angela Yochem from Novant Health on how businesses and scientific communities can incorporate quantum technologies into their practices.

“Organizations are aware that quantum technologies are being developed, but they may not know how to incorporate them into their work,” said Williams. “We discuss how they can build a plan to stay current with the technology.”

Williams will also be a speaker in the “What Is the New Model for Academia, Research Labs & Private Organizations to Collaborate in the Field of Quantum Science?” session for the Quantum Tech Congress on June 15.

Though they are still being developed, quantum technologies hold tremendous promise. At the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), researchers in quantum information science are preparing for a quantum future by developing algorithms, synthesizing new materials, and using physics to improve quantum devices. PNNL is also cultivating a quantum-literate workforce through the Northwest Quantum Nexus (NQN).

“Quantum technologies offer exciting new possibilities for research and industry,” said Williams. “Through the NQN, we are building partnerships and accelerating collaboration to make the Pacific Northwest a hub for quantum technology development.”

Williams is well-versed in the importance of quantum technologies. As director of the PNNL Seattle Research Center, Williams often gets a first look at the latest technologies to emerge from research and industry. Williams is also an advisor to the state of Washington’s Quantum Innovation Cluster Accelerator Program and serves as the vice-chair of the Quantum for National Security Technical Advisory Committee for the Quantum Economic Development Consortium.