November 30, 2016
Staff Accomplishment

Roger Rousseau Honored for Exceptional Scientific Achievement

Roger Rousseau, PNNL Exceptional Scientific Achievement Award, 2016

Congratulations to Dr. Roger Rousseau on receiving the Exceptional Scientific Achievement Award from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. A force for collaboration and computational chemistry, Rousseau advances and integrates computational chemistry to improve vital technological processes. These processes include capturing carbon dioxide, catalytically turning that carbon into fuels, and producing biofuels.

Rousseau applies mathematics and computation to accurately depict the properties and behavior of molecules, solids, and surfaces. His work has pushed state-of-the-art theory into increasingly harder problems. He develops and tests simulation techniques on well-defined systems and brings those systems into the lab. The combination of theory and experiments is benefitting the nation's energy landscape.

For example, Rousseau and his colleagues have contributed to studies that keep more troubling technetium locked away, capture carbon from fossil fuels, and create renewable fuels. All of this work, Rousseau is quick to point out, involves teamwork. "For me, this award recognizes my colleagues and collaborators at PNNL," said Rousseau. "I'm surrounded by a great team."

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