August 14, 2019
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PNNL’s Yuyan Shao Serves as Journal Guest Editor

Scientist leads materials electrochemistry special issue



Yuyan Shao, a PNNL electrochemist and materials scientist, served as a guest editor in a recently published special issue of the journal Advanced Materials.

The issue, Advancing Materials Electrochemistry for Chemical Transformation, took 18 months of work from pitching the theme to the journal to the final publication of the issue. The international team of four guest editors chose the topics and writers for each of the 20 peer-reviewed papers. The guest editors also shared the duty of writing the issue’s editorial, which focused on emerging materials, concepts and devices in electrochemistry, photoelectrochemistry, and chemical transformations.

“As a recognized thought leader in electrochemical energy storage, Yuyan was a natural choice for this guest editor role,” said Karl Mueller, physical chemist and chief science and technology officer for the Physical and Computational Sciences Directorate. “His track record in the field speaks for itself, but this peer recognition provided another opportunity to shine.”

Shao, who joined PNNL in 2007, has been recognized three times in the past five years as one of the world’s mostly highly cited researchers in the fields of materials science and engineering. He is the team lead of fundamental battery research. Shao’s research supports PNNL’s Chemical Transformations Initiative (CTI), which develops capabilities needed to transform chemical conversion processes.

Shao has more than 140 publications and 40 patents and patent applications. His research focuses on electrochemical energy storage and conversion for both transportation and stationary applications, high-performing electrode and electrolyte materials for batteries, fuel cells and electrolyzers.

Published: August 14, 2019

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