June 25, 2021
Staff Accomplishment

Kristin Burnum-Johnson Speaks on Proteome Mapping

Scientist presents research using mass spectrometry imaging

woman wearing a headset speaks on the left and a presentation image is on the right.

Kristin Burnum-Johnson presented at the June 10 ThermoFisher Scientific Innovation Summit.

(Image courtesy of Kristin Burnum-Johnson | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

Kristin Burnum-Johnson, a senior scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, was an invited speaker at two virtual events in June on proteome mapping.

On June 10, Burnum-Johnson presented at the ThermoFisher Scientific Innovation Summit on how bottom-up proteomic workflows for mass spectrometry imaging has led to a breakthrough in proteome mapping.

Burnum-Johnson is leading a Nature Research webinar on June 29 on how applying an automated proteome imaging workflow can allow for quantitative mapping of > 2,000 proteins at better than 100-µm spatial resolution across 12-µm-thick tissue sections. She shared how this approach enables new research directions for biomedical and environmental research.

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