September 26, 2019
Staff Accomplishment

Kevin Rosso Named to Washington State Academy of Sciences

Kevin Rosso joins other scientific experts who provide leadership to help solve issues affecting Washington State

WSAS organizational logo

Washington State Academy of Science's Organizational Logo

Kevin Rosso of PNNL has been selected to join the Washington State Academy of Sciences (WSAS).

Rosso joins other scientists and engineers who provide leadership and expertise to help solve issues affecting Washington State, inform public policy-making, and increase the role and visibility of science among the public. Some challenges addressed by WSAS members include addressing the impacts of climate change on ocean acidification; sustainable management of Puget Sound and other critical ecosystems; management of fisheries, forests, wildlife, soils, and minerals; and the promotion of STEM education for students at all levels.

Kevin Rosso

Kevin Rosso

Rosso is a laboratory fellow and the associate director of the Physical Sciences Division for the Geochemistry Group at PNNL. He is recognized for his contributions to the field of geochemistry, specifically related to discoveries on reactivity and electron exchange at the mineral-water interface, with impacts in elemental cycling, environmental remediation, and carbon sequestration in the subsurface. Rosso is also a Mineralogical Society of America fellow.

The academy consists of experts from various academic disciplines and backgrounds, including National Academy of Science members who live in Washington State. Rosso’s appointment means that PNNL is home to 23 WSAS members. Rosso officially began his term after his induction Sept. 12 at the organization's annual meeting.

Published: September 26, 2019